Crown Point Car Cruise

Fun Facts

The Crown Point Courthouse, also known as the "Grand Old Lady" was built in 1878 and was said to be "one of the finest architectural expressions in Indiana."

Jerry Ross of Crown Point has logged more than 1,393 hours in space, and was the first human to ever be launched into space seven times.

Sandhill Cranes at Jasper-Pulaski

The convergence of the Lake Michigan flyway on Lake County's northern border and the Kankakee flyway on the southern border creates some of the best Canadian goose hunting and bird watching in the nation.

Lake County is one of the nation's largest steel producers.

Wolf Lake in Hammond was recognized by the New York Times for its conditions as being one of the best lakes in the country for windsurfing.

Dr. Scholl, the famous foot doctor, started his practice in Cedar Lake.

Jean Shepherd - A Christmas Story

Jean Shepherd, born in Hammond, co-wrote "A Christmas Story" which was based on his book, "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash." Every year, the Indiana Welcome Center celebrates Shepherd with the "A Christmas Story" Comes Home exhibit.

Albanese Confectionery, located in Hobart, is home to the world's tallest chocolate waterfall and award-winning gummies.

The "Grandfather of Aviation," Octave Chanute, built and tested the first successful heavier-than-air glider at Marquette Park in Miller Beach.

Indiana Dunes Central Beach

The Indiana Dunes State and National Parks welcome nearly 4 million guests each year.

Spotlight South Shore