Fragile Codes and In the Abstract

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    Artists Jason Bernagozzi and Eric Souther present video installations, sculptures and prints that borrow and repurpose images from popular media to create a transformative experience. 

    Bernagozzi and Souther explore how the advancement of media has transformed the way we interpret the world around us. Through their separate work they investigate the rapidly changing relationship between media, technology, society and the arts. 

    Artwork by four Chicago area artists (Shelley Gilchrist, Jeffrey Hirst, Michele Thrane, and Karen Tichy) using hot wax and pigment in their own distinctive artistic language. "Encaustic", meaning to heat or burn-in, is one of the oldest painting techniques, dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt. This technique has experienced a revival with today's artists giving it a modern twist. 

Fragile Codes and In the Abstract
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