Historic Attractions in Northwest Indiana

Historic Attractions

Stop at one of our many historic attractions and discover interesting facts about the area's quaint towns and cities.

Explore the South Shore Civil War Memorial Trail and learn about the brave soldiers who fought for our freedom. The trail serves as a guide for visitors who want to learn more and pay respect to their veterans.

Step into the past when you visit Buckley Homestead. When the Buckley's first settled in Northwest Indiana in 1849 they would never have imagined that their farmstead would one day be of interest to visitors generations later.

Learn more about the mansion built by one of the founding fathers of the rail car industry, John H. Barker. This house, Barker Mansion, occupied for a very short time, has brought many years of enjoyment to the Barker family and to the residents of Michigan City.

Visit the Aquatorium at Marquette Park in Gary. This historic building is home to the history of the area's Tuskegee Airmen and Octave Chanute, the grandfather of flight.

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